Fiber leasing connections can give businesses connections that are free from general traffic or overloaded ISP servers. BOOMINDIA NETWORK  fiber leasing services are cost-effective, reliable and highly effective for businesses that require faster connections. As BOOMINDIA NETWORK fiber is self-owned, you can expect SLA 99.5%  High Uptime and avail of our support services round the clock

Grow and Secure your Business with Us 

Get access to faster and secure connections that allow you to scale up your firm efficiently. Boomindia Network Fiber Optic has extensive reach and provides customized plans to suit your geographical needs. Firms can lease dedicated fiber optics for their private networks or internet infrastructure networking for added security and privacy.


Boomindia Network’s fiber optic lease allows you to scale up securely and grow rapidly
Feature-packed, Cost-Effective and Secure Internet Now Within Your Reach
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