Elevate Your Business with Our Dedicated Bandwidth 🚀

In the fast-paced world of business, every second counts. That’s why we’re proud to offer dedicated bandwidth solutions that don’t just keep you connected; they keep you thriving. Here’s why you need it:

Uninterrupted Performance: With symmetric speeds, our dedicated bandwidth ensures consistent, high-speed internet for uploads and downloads. Say goodbye to slowdowns!

Reliability You Can Trust: Our 99.99% uptime guarantee means you’re always online when it matters most. No downtime, no disruption.

Data Security: Protect your sensitive data with a dedicated connection that’s just for you. Your data stays safe, away from the public internet.

Scalability: As your business grows, our bandwidth grows with you. We adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring you’re never left behind.

Your business deserves a network that works as hard as you do. Say goodbye to shared connections and hello to a dedicated future. Contact us today to learn how dedicated bandwidth can supercharge your operations. 🚀💼

  • ✔ An internet leased line is a premium internet connectivity product.
  • ✔ An internet leased line is dedicated and provides un-contended symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads.
  • ✔The internet lease line is majorly used by enterprises and businesses.
  • ✔ The enterprises and businesses used ILL to transfer large amount of data over internet.

BOOMINDIA Internet Leased Line Features

Features Availability
Multiple last mile with options of copper/RF/Fiber
Link uptime and traffic management
Committed latency 99% up SLA
SLA compliance with tight SLA of 4 hours
Ring Protection for OFC last mile
Closed user group facility
Proactive Monitoring and Configuration Management
Multiple Link Management
Web and Application filtering / Bandwidth Management
Online Payment Options






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